Your Biggest Enemy

There is a very dangerous enemy lurking about seeking to hold you back from success in life.  This enemy is actually looking to destroy chiropractic with it’s subtle yet powerful tactics.  This enemy will fill your head with thoughts of despair and irrational fear.  Fear of failure.  Fear of rejection.  Fear of success.  But perhaps the most insidious lie this enemy will tell you is that you are a victim.  If only there weren’t so many DC’s in your town.  If only insurance was better.  If only.


The enemy is you.  More specifically your thought life.  Your thoughts will eventually become your actions.  Actions repeated over time become habits.  Habits repeated over time will determine your success in life.  So if you are thinking incorrect thoughts you can’t help but have a bad life.  A life of want instead of abundance.  A life of mediocrity instead of success.

Here’s one of my favorite Zig Ziglar quote that explains my feelings on this topic.


Things to Stop Putting in Your Head

Fear.  Fear is a normal part of life, but far too many DC’s let fear overwhelm them and have undo influence over their decision-making process.  When you are struck with fear the best thing to do is slow down and think logically.  Ask yourself what is the worst thing that can happen?

When we were facing the decision of whether to declare bankruptcy, as we were expecting triplets, I asked myself this question.  Sure if we declare bankruptcy we will lose our business.  But we won’t be living under a bridge.  Our family and friends will still love us and they will make sure that doesn’t happen.  I could get an associateship or arrange an office sharing agreement.  The world would not come to an end.  Once I realized that all my irrational fears were just that, irrational, the decision-making process became a lot easier.  (We ended up not declaring bankruptcy.)

Pride.  If you have spent any time at all on Facebook groups for chiropractors you can tell that we are a prideful bunch.  (I am not exempt from this by the way.)  That pride serves us well to a certain extent.  That pride served our forefathers well as they faced multiple arrests.  It served them well as they started schools from scratch.  It served them well as the faced down the powerful AMA in an antitrust lawsuit.  That same pride can also keep us from doing the things we need to do to reach our full potential.


Here’s an example of pride potentially getting in the way of a doctor’s success:  “This borders on fraudulent. Thirty hours of online videos does not qualify anyone to call themselves any kind of “neurologist”. This is academic dishonesty. At best, this course is an introduction to neurology. Any state board would take action on someone advertising as a ‘postural neurologist’. I, for one, will report anyone who lists that designation as part of their “credentials”.”

What the heck does he know?  He hasn’t seen the program.  It could be great and help him help more patients, but his pride has gotten in the way.  Instead, evaluate each opportunity from a perspective of openness.  Don’t let your pride keep you from your success.  Don’t let your pride keep you from doing things that will help you reach more people and reach your potential.

Victim Mentality.  This is an especially heinous thought habit.  It goes something like this:  “I could be successful if only:  insurance was better, the school had taught me business, I didn’t have all this student loan debt, patients weren’t so stupid, etc.”  You get the point.  Stop playing the victim.  You are in charge of your own life.  Don’t let the victim mindset rob you of your power to create the life you want.  Your success depends solely on you.  So get to work and create the life you want.  Millions of potential patients are counting on us!



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