Why Your Facebook Efforts Have Failed

I don’t know of too many chiropractors that haven’t tried to market their clinic with Facebook.  Some with measured success, a lot with no success at all.  Here are some reasons your Facebook ad efforts may have failed.  Don’t beat yourself up over this too much.  You didn’t know.  This isn’t something they teach you in chiropractic college.  So read on and vow to do it right from now on.

Only Boosting Posts

Boosting posts may get you some awareness for an article or clicks to a website but they aren’t going to get you any new patients.  Sure you may get one new patient from a boosted post once in a blue moon but it’s not going to move the needle of your practice at all.  That brings us to our next point.

Not Having a Plan

When you are boosting a post you just paying Facebook to show the post to more people.  You can have them show it to only your page followers or their friends but to what end?  Are you trying to brand your clinic?  Raise awareness for an event?  Collect leads?  You run a business and you need to make money.  How is that going to get new patients in your office so you can help them and get paid so you can keep the lights on?  You have to have a plan.  Trust me you will love when the plan comes together.  Kind of like this guy.

Using Crappy Images

I once had a Doc tell me that his ad wasn’t converting.  I asked him what he had used for his image.  He said he put an image of his (archaic) traction equipment in the ad.  You might as well post this.

Here’s the hierarchy of ad images for your creative:  stock photo<photos of you<photos of you and your ideal patient<videos of you<videos of you and your ideal patient.

Using Video Incorrectly

Video is the go to medium on Facebook right now.  Facebook is actually buying TV commercials to promote the use of live video.  I have never seen Facebook run an ad on television.  If they are making a big deal out of it and investing in it, you had better invest in it too.  But you have to do it right.  Captions are a must and you have to be social AND you have to have a good call to action.  Poor sound can be another huge issue.

Targeting Everyone

There is saying that is almost cliche.  “The riches are in the niches.”  While saying your ideal customer is everyone with a spine, may be a good slogan to get you pumped up it is a horrible marketing strategy.  You see by laser defining who you are targeting with an ad, you can better communicate in a way that resonates with them.  A 30-year-old suburban housewife will see chiropractic differently than a 50-year-old male farmer.  You have to change your communication style to get good results from ads.

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Feeling overwhelmed?

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