Why Every Chiropractor Should be Owning Facebook in 2017

You Know BJ Palmer Would Be

This blog post if taken seriously and acted upon could change your life.  It could change the lives of countless people in your community too.

I know that’s a pretty audacious claim but I stand by it.  Social media, and Facebook, in particular, has opened up all sorts of opportunities for chiropractors that didn’t exist five years ago.  Let me give you my top five reasons that every chiropractor needs to be using Facebook ads to grow their practice.

It’s where your patients and potential new patients are.

Never before has a website so captivated our lives.  The average American spends close to one hour each day on Facebook.  We live our lives through Facebook so if you want to get people’s attention with your marketing you need to be where they are.  Facebook has over 1 billion monthly users.  In my area alone there are 88,000 users.

Potential Patients Expect You to be on Facebook

There are certain things you have to do in order to do business in the 21st century.  You need to have a website.  You need to take credit cards.  You need to have at least one CA.  You need to have a nice business card and stationary.  If one or more of these things are missing patients will start to question your legitimacy as a business.

Having a Facebook page is quickly becoming one of those things as well.  Seventy percent of people aged 45-60 expect brands to have a strong presence on social media.  Those numbers are even higher for younger demographics.

Social Media Examiner puts it this way,  “Social channels are a sign of a company’s dedication to transparency, accountability and even customer service! Customers recognize this and expect to see a brand engaging with customers on Facebook. Even though “silent” customers may not add comments or likes (basically, VALUE) to a brand’s Facebook page, still . . . they’re watching.”

Facebook Can Target Your Ideal Customer Like Never Before

When it comes to marketing the more you know about your target audience the better.  This is why marketers have done things like focus groups and surveys for decades now.  Knowing your ideal patient helps you market to their needs and improves your chances of converting them from prospects to patients.

Facebook has massive amounts of data for its users.  One man in Australia was able to secure a document that contained all the data Facebook had about him.  The document was 1,200 pages long!  And this was in 2012!  (Bonus points if you know whose picture is below and why I posted it.)

Although this may make you squirm in your seat a bit, this represents a golden opportunity for chiropractors.  All that data gives you power in your marketing.  It helps you niche down and target only the people that are most suited to hear the message you are broadcasting.  You can niche down all the way to targeting 23-year-old single moms of preschoolers that like Greenpeace if you want.  That’s how detailed you can get.

BJ Would be Killing it On Facebook

Does anybody doubt that the man who bought a printing press and radio station would have any qualms about dominating Facebook?  I can just see him racking up the views on Facebook live feeds.

It’s Easy to Learn

You don’t need a marketing degree or special certification to run effective Facebook ads.

While it does take some time and energy to learn how to effectively use Facebook ads to generate new patients, it can be done by any chiropractor.  I am living proof of this.

I have consistently generated at least 10 new patients per month with Facebook ads, and I am willing to teach you how to do the same.  Click below to get acces to this amazing course.

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