Use This Simple Hack to Lower Your Facebook Costs

By now you should understand that you need to be marketing your practice on social media, Facebook in particular.  (If not check out this free resource.)  I think we can fall into the trap of forgetting that social media is SOCIAL as we pursue leads and ROI.  If you remember the social aspect of Facebook it will actually help you with lead generation and will help you get better ROI.  I’ll explain below.  Go ahead do a little happy dance in the meantime.

There you have it.  Pretty easy to do, cost effective, and your reach and cost per lead will go down.  If after watching that video your head is spinning and you just want to hire someone to do things like that for you click here.  I have built a great Facebook Marketing Agency.  My team and I have clients all over the US and would love the chance to see if we are a good fit.  Fill out the application here and we will contact you within one business day.




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