Three Key Differences Between Struggling and Successful DC’s

& How to Change

I’ve been in practice for almost 12 years now.  I’ve learned a lot over those twelve years.  I have gone from being a struggling DC that almost went bankrupt to a very successful one that now gets to help other DC’s attain the level of success that they want to see.

I have noticed many things that set the successful apart from the struggling.  Here are the top three things that set the successful apart.

Successful Chiropractors are Willing to Change

The funny thing about struggling DC’s is that they are unwilling to change.  They are struggling, not able to pay their bills, and one bad month away from bankruptcy yet they think they don’t have to change.

It kind of reminds of this guy who was on “Kitchen Nightmares.”

It’s crazy.  He has a world renowned chef, a successful restauranteur, come in to help him turn his business around and he rebuffs the expert and says he changed everything back. It’s the height of stupidity.  Don’t be stupid!

Don’t be that guy.  Don’t be the guy that keeps his head in the sand and doesn’t change with the times.  Don’t ignore internet marketing for instance.  Don’t hire a coach then ignore them.  If what you are doing isn’t working change.  Don’t be stuck in your ways.

Successful Chiropractors are Willing to Fail

My first few forays into Facebook marketing didn’t go well.   I wasted a lot of time and money doing it wrong.  I failed.

Most chiropractors would have stopped there.  They would have said Facebook marketing doesn’t work.  Or worse yet they would have not even tried.

If I had stopped there, if I had given up look at that would have been lost.  I have helped a lot more patients that I would not have helped before.  I have helped a lot of DC’s get the help they need to attain the levels of success that they want to achieve.  But it all started with failure.

If you want to get started with Facebook Marketing click here.

Successful Chiropractors are Consistent Over Time

Succesful chiropractors have a higher calling in their life other than just paying their bills and paying back student loans.  That higher vision fuels a passion and commitment in them.  That passion and commitment helps them stay consistent in the daily disciplines.  I have a 98% new patient conversion rate because I am consistent.  Dr. Ed Osburn has the business he does because he’s consistent.  Dr. Tabor Smith is on the verge of something great with the Spinal Hygiene movement because he’s consistent.

Picking up a new procedure for a week won’t help you become successful.  Getting a new laser, then letting it collect dust won’t make you successful.  Being consistent day and day out will.

Are you willing to change?  Are you willing to fail at first?  Are you consistent?  If you aren’t as successful as you want to be I am guessing the answer to at least one of those questions is no.  Now do something about it.


PS.  Watch my recent interview with Dr. Tabor Smith.  Let’s change the world together.

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