The Wonders of the Facebook Pixel

There has never been a better time to be a chiropractor.  It may sound like hyperbole, but it really is true.  The information age has democratized the spreading of information.  Never before has it been easier to get the chiropractic message out to the masses. Social media is especially effective at building a loyal following that wants your products or services.  One key, but often overlooked, component of social media marketing is the Facebook Tracking Pixel.

Have you ever looked at something on Amazon and then seen that same product advertised to you all over the internet for the next few hours?  Of course you have.  It’s because Amazon uses a tracking pixel to follow you around just like the bloodhound pictured above follows it’s prey around.

That same technology is available to you the common everyday chiropractor.  Here are my top three reasons you should be using the Facebook pixel:

  1. People do business with those they know like and trust.  Once someone visits your website or your landing page the FB pixel allows you to capitalize on the fact that they have already consumed your content.  Assuming your content added value to their lives they will want to consume it again, and the FB pixel helps you serve up content.  The more content you serve the more that person begins to know like and trust you and will eventually do business with you.
  2. You can create audiences based on pixel traffic then market to those audiences.  Another level of ninja marketing skills is to create a lookalike audience based on your pixel traffic audience.  What Facebook does with a look a like audience is take your pixel traffic audience and analyze it.  They then take the key attributes of your pixel traffic audience and set up a new audience that matches the audience that matters to you.  It’s a wonderful tool.
  3. You can optimize your FB ads better by using the FB pixel.  What you do is set up an event code and then optimize the ad for that event code.  The most likely codes you will be using are the “lead” and “complete registration” event codes.  The beauty of this methodology vs. just running traffic to a webinar or opt-in page is that using the event code allows FB to know exactly what you are looking to accomplish then it can use all its data to serve up the ad to the exact person that is most likely to opt in at the exact time they are most like to opt in.

If you are feeling like the picture above don’t worry have a great video training for you.  Click here to get access.  It will take you through all the steps of setting up the pixel and creating audiences.  There is a small charge for the video based on the time it took for me to create it and the massive value it will add to your marketing efforts.

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