The Top 10 Podcasts Every DC Should be Listening To

5 Chiro and 5 Non-Chiro

If you haven’t ventured into the world of podcasts you need to get started today.  Podcasts enable you to turn your commute or gym time into personal growth time.  I have compiled a list of the top ten podcasts for chiropractors.

The Chiropractic Philanthropist

Dr. Ed Osburn’s podcast is one of my favorite podcasts out there.  He has weekly guests from in and out of chiropractic and shares his personal story of losing it all due to health problems and how he bounced back.


Hosted by Ken Coleman, the EntreLeadership Podcast features lively discussions and tips on leadership and business by some of the top minds in the business, like Mark Cuban, Seth Godin, Jim Collins and Simon Sinek.  This is my go to podcast outside of chiropractic.  This is a division of Dave Ramsey’s company so you know you can’t go wrong.

The Evidence Based Chiropractor

Dr. Jeff Langmaid is an awesome guy and his podcast is full of useful research that can help you grow your practice through professional referrals.  Chiropractors from all ends of the spectrum can benefit from this podcast.

The Art of Paid Traffic

You don’t have to be a social media/online marketing geek like me to appreciate Rick and his podcast.  Marketing yourself online is not optionally at this point.  You have to be doing it.


Billy Sticker isn’t a chiropractor, but I can assure you he loves chiropractic and chiropractors more than a lot of chiropractors.  He is your go-to source for marketing and great interviews.

The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey is America’s go-to mind for common sense financial advice.  He himself went bankrupt then started a business on his dining room table and has grown it to over 500 employees.  With the amount of debt most chiropractors have, especially young DC’s you have to listen to this podcast.  I can honestly say it saved our business and our marriage.

Crush’n It Chiropractic Podcast

Dr. Avery routinely saw over 100 new patients per month.  Now he is a coach and host of this podcast.  He’s a Canadian but don’t hold that against him.

I Love Marketing

If you are a chiropractor you HAVE to be a marketer.  This is the podcast that all marketers should be listening to.

A Doctor’s Perspective

For doctors who want a thriving practice and abundant home life, listen as your host Dr. Justin Trosclair goes behind the curtain and interviews doctors and guests about real world triumphs, struggles, practical tips, and entertainment.

The Ziglar Show

I could listen to this podcast just for the intro of Zig talking.  If you don’t know who Zig Ziglar is, climb out from under that rock you have been living under and listen to this podcast.  You won’t be disappointed.

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