The Subluxation is Dead!

Long Live the Subluxation

We need to stop talking about the subluxation.  It’s a fallacy.  It doesn’t’ exist.  It’s all in our heads.

Mentioning the subluxation is actually hurting our profession and we need to move on.

At least that’s what the former chairman of the board of the ACA would like you to think.


Dr. Michael Simone, past ACA board chair, said at a recent speaking engagement that our profession should renounce several things, among them “the subluxation.”

Why is This Happening?

I don’t know all the background behind this movement in chiropractic.  Dr. Simone was apparently speaking at something ironically labeled the “Advanced Thinking Summit.”  It was an event hosted by the Florida Chiropractic Physician Association.  All my information came from an email from the FCPA (an email I didn’t subscribe to by the way.)

As many of you know the rate of utilization of this great profession, is abysmally low.  (I have detailed some ideas for improving this here and here.)  It is some people’s opinion that is due to not the recorded and concerted efforts of the AMA to have us “die on the vine.”  It’s not the fact that our profession is still very much in its infancy.

Nope, it’s because we cling to the very principles that set us apart.  We need to become just like our competition.  We even need to prescribe medications, because you know there is a shortage of places to get medications.

I do appreciate Dr. Simone and his ilk wanting to see chiropractic grow.  I would love to see our utilization rate skyrocket to 80% instead of 8%.  But we CANNOT forfeit what makes us unique and helps us serve humanity in the process.

The world needs chiropractors who understand what sets them apart.  The world needs doctors of chiropractic who understand that the body is endowed with an amazing ability to heal itself if you just give it the right conditions.  The world needs MD’s, but the world needs DC’s too.  Without the perspective of DC’s who treat subluxation, we won’t have the balance we need in healthcare.

We need the crisis centered MD’s for when life does go bad, but life won’t go as bad as often with the wellness and subluxation based chiropractors taking the lead.

The Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation

If you agree please check out and support the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation.  Part of their mission statement includes the following text:

  • The body is a self-regulating, self-maintaining organism;
  • The nervous system controls and coordinates all functions of the body;
  • The spine and vertebrae house and protect the nervous system;
  • Vertebral subluxations can occur and interfere with the function of the nervous system;
  • Reducing and/or correcting vertebral subluxations allows the nervous system to function better and allows the fullest expression of life.

Please take this article seriously and act.  Give money to organizations that promote true chiropractic principles.  Stop giving money to ones that don’t.  Be a leader in our profession and grow your practice so you can give back to chiropractic.  Our profession and the health of untold numbers of people is at stake.

We never know how far reaching something we may think, say or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.Read more at_ http___www.azquotes.com_quote_5306091


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  • Carey Neal Pabouet-Sigafoose

    A voice or reason in a mad world. Thanks for you post, even though at first I was like, “Not another Subluxation is not real story,” glad I read to the end.

    • Thank you for reading. I whole heartedly believe that most chiropractors share this opinion. We just have to make sure our voice is heard.

    • I just realized that you are the guy behind Sig talks. Thanks for all you do and keep it up!

      • Carey Neal Pabouet-Sigafoose

        Thank you. Your the man! I love what you’re doing too.

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  • butters

    ….but what about all the 2015-2016 research on how HVLA spinal manipulation affects the prefrontal cortex while mobilization does nothing in terms of altering brain activity. This is also only one of the major findings in the past 2 years. I would recommend getting up to date in all of the neurological research showing the effects of hypomobility (or subluxations or joint fixations or whatever you want to call it) on the nociceptors within the facet joints at the level of dysfunction and the resulting consequences to the nervous system.

    There was also an interesting study where direct stimulation of the vagus nerve multiple times daily had an effect on individuals with rheumatoid arthritis (via an implant but still an interesting finding).

    I will just post a few of the links below to get you started….but I highly suggest you begin to update yourself on the new literature before taking a hardline stance on subluxation.

    Journal of Manipulative & Physiological Therapeutics 2016; 39(4): 267–278. (on chiropractic and fall prevention in the elderly via improved sensorimotor function)

    • Unfortunately guys like this don’t care about research, or will dismiss it as bad research. We just need to keep doing what we do and make our voices heard. Thank you for your comment.

  • Rob Pape

    Why post this for discussion then turn off comments and subsequently delete a number of them, Doctor? What about this discussion is not working for you?

    • After a while one gets tired of getting all the notifications, especially when the conversation isn’t going anywhere. I didn’t delete any comments. I believe that was Nick.

      • Rob Pape

        Tired of the notifications? Isn’t one of your gigs being an expert in social media? Weak sauce, sir.

        Conversation not going anywhere? That conversation was definitely going somewhere, a place we all need to be able to go as a profession. My guess is that you had an agenda for it and it wasn’t adhering to that agenda.

        Is Nick a moderator for Chirosushi? I don’t think so. Unless he is there is no way he could’ve deleted any comments of mine.

        • Rod, as a busy practice owner, father of five children, and owner of a growing online business, yes it is possible for someone like myself to get tired of Facebook notifications. I have a life out side of responding to endless comments from keyboard commandos like Nick and yourself.

          The conversation wasn’t going anywhere in my opinion. Yes I have an agenda as do you and Nick and everybody else in the world. The nice thing about creating a post is that I can control the flow and turn off comments as I please. If you want that luxury create a blog or Facebook post of your own.

          Nick is not a moderator but if he deletes a comment, any replies or comments made after that will disappear. That’s how Facebook works. Like I said I deleted no comments.

          In closing I urge you to get on with your life. Go help more people today. Learn more about he subluxation and chiropractic. Your practice and your community will be better off for it. Good day sir!

          • Rob Pape

            My name is Rob, but that’s a common error.

            Instead of having a decent dialogue about the thing you posted, obstensibly to have a dialogue, i end up getting speeched by a guy who doesn’t know me or how i practice. Perfect.

            You appear to be a fundamentalist type true believer. This will hamstring you in practice. It will limit your ability to learn and grow. It will limit how much you can help people.

            Your message is actually a message of limitation. It weakens you and the people who are in your circle because if they are to remain in your circle, no questioning or dissent is allowed. Posts get inactivated. Comments get deleted.

            My advice to you is to open yourself to inquiry. If what you believe is sound, challenging it is not going to change anything. But be open to changing beliefs based on evidence and logic. Be open to discussions that challenge your comfort zone. This is how you end up a leader in our profession. Not by setting an agenda and controlling the message. Be better than that, Shawn.