The Secrete to Doubling Your Productivity

And Your Practice

Busy.  We are all always so busy.  It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to a college student, an unemployed thirty-year-old, a mom of five, or a retired 7o-year-old, we are all busy.  If you talk to two DC’s, one seeing 14 patients a week (LV), and another seeing 140 patients (HV)  they will both tell you how busy they are.

So what gives?  Are they both right?

They are indeed.  The difference is that the HV DC  is using their time more wisely and being much more productive.  The key to the increased productivity of the HV DC is something known as Parkinson’s Law.

Parkinson’s law states that work expands so as to fill the amount of time available to complete it.  So the HV DC who only has 10 minutes to complete a task will complete it in 10 minutes.  The LV DC that has an hour to complete the same task will take the entire hour.

So you see that’s why both DC’s can and will claim they are so busy.  Now that you know this principle you can use it to your advantage.  Using it to your advantage starts with tomatoes.

Or rather the technique named after the tomato-shaped timer it’s developer used in college.  Francesco Cerillo developed this time management technique and I have used it to get more done this past year than I ever thought possible.

They idea behind this is that you write down your tasks that you must complete each day in order to move towards your goals.  You then rank them in order of importance.  The key to knowing which is the most important is that it’s the one that makes you most uncomfortable.

So once you have your most important task of the day selected you estimate how many pomodoros, 25-minute intervals, it will take to complete the task.  You set a timer for 25 minutes and work without interruption or distraction for the entire time.

Then you take a short 2-3 minute break.  You repeat this process until the task is completed.  Take a longer break then start the process for the next task you need to complete.

The Benefits

  1. You get the most important things done that will help you achieve what you need to.  Instead of working on office forms, you get out and network.
  2. Even if you have all day to work on things because you are a LV DC, you still have a deadline.  You defeat the insipid creep of Parkinson’s law by setting deadlines (pomodoros) and not letting the work expand into the entire time you have available.
  3. You start using your time like a busier HV DC, moving you towards a more successful practice because you are getting the right things done.  Plus when you are busier you are already a master of time management.

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