The New Reason Every DC Should be Doing Facebook Videos in 2017

Facebook video has done what TV commercials have never done.

Facebook video has leveled the playing field for the everyday chiropractor.  You can get video views for pennies.

In 2016 my Facebook videos were viewed for 3 seconds at least 39,508 times.  They were viewed for 10 seconds at least 10,571 times.  Those are pretty good numbers.  Good enough numbers to help me build up brand equity and start to get known by strangers in my community as “that chiropractor from Facebook.”

All kidding aside those video views are more than an ego booster for your favorite chiropractic blogger.  A ten-second video view is nothing to dismiss.  Count to ten at an accurate pace and see how long it actually is.  Go ahead do it now, I’ll wait for you.

You can say a lot and make a great impression in 10 seconds.  I was less than impressed however with those 3-second video views. That is until Facebook rolled out a new audience-building feature.

Facebook now allows you to create audiences based on engagement with your Facebook page and/or ads.  One of the engagements you can choose is three or ten-second video views.  This is huge for two reasons.

  1. You can now target your ads to a warm audience instead of a cold audience.  The people that have viewed your videos, even for 3 seconds already have an exposure to you and have begun to know, like, and trust you.  This audience helps you build that trust you have already established.
  2. Facebook ads to this type of audience is a lot cheaper than cold traffic.

Showing you how to build this audience is too much to type out, but I have good news for you.  Click the image below to get a video tutorial where I will guide you step by step to creating this audience that will elevate your practice in 2017.


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