The Magic of the First Adjustment Call

Before I get to the meat of this article let me explain a little bit about myself.  I am only 35 but I can tell the difference between 25-year old me and 35-year old me.  The short of it is that I am becoming more like my Dad in a few areas, mostly in memory.

I remember always making fun of my Dad because of his foggy memory as I got older, and now I am the same way.  I can’t remember as many details about patients as easily, and childhood memories are getting harder to recall.

There is one memory I do recall though.  After I had my wisdom teeth removed the summer between my junior and senior years in high school the oral surgeon acutally called me that evening to see how I was doing.

The reasons it created a wow experience for me are the same reasons it will create a wow experience for your patients.

  1. The Dr. took extra time at the end of his day to call me!  You can hardly get a doctor to pay attention during an appointment, let alone when all he wants to do is go home at the end of a long day.  There is an old saying that goes like this, “People only care how much you know after they know how much you care.”  Nothing shows that you care, and will go further in establishing a great doctor-patient relationship than a phone call after a first adjustment.
  2. I was kind of nervous going into the surgery and was afterword too.  A lot of time your patients are terrified of chiropractors.    When he called it helped set my mind at ease that what I was experiening was normal.  In today’s age of Dr. Google it’s important to stay ahead of internet searches to see if the extra soreness or headache is normal after an adjustment.

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How To Implement

If you aren’t currently doing this you need to be.  Here’s how we make sure it gets done in my office.

  1. My staff places a little card (I think it’s 1/6 of regular size of paper) in each patient file.  It’s a bright color so it doesn’t get missed.  The patient’s name, phone number, and space for notes is on the card.
  2. It goes in my pocket before I go in for the patient’s first adjustment.
  3. I set a reminder on my phone to go off at the same time each night to remind me to call my new patients.
  4. I make the phone call.  Don’t have staff do this.  I say,  “This is Dr. Shawn w/ AFC.  I am just calling to see if you have any questions or concerns after your first adjustment in our office today.”  Most of the time they do not, but sometimes I offer advice, or say that’s normal, or make sure they are following at home care instructions.
  5. I turn the slip into my staff the next day and they keep track of how many new patietns get these calls.  This is an important step to keep you accountable.

So start doing this today Doctor.  You will establish better relationshops with your patients and they will get better care from you.

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