The Beauty of Marketing Automation

How to Get New Patients W/out Killing Yourself

Have you ever spent $300 and got 11 new patients out of the deal?  I have several times.  Let me explain how, and why I now favor one over another.

A few years ago I did a spinal screening at an expo on a local college campus.  The fee to have a booth at the expo was $75.  By the time I paid my staff and myself the cost was well over $300.  We netted 11 new patients from that screening.  We had more than that sign-up but I am counting only those that showed up and converted to actual new patients.  With my case average, it was still a great return on investment.

The real cost was my time.  I had to spend time away from my family outside of clinic hours, and as you know time is our most precious commodity.  The thing with screenings is that you always have to do them.  There is no marketing automation.

This past December I spent about the same amount of money on a Facebook ad campaign and got 11 new patients and an additional 10 leads that I can funnel into an automated email marketing campaign.  The beauty of this is that I spent about 2 hours of free time after the kids went to bed setting up the campaign.  I then tweaked the images and added a video throughout the month.  That took another 30 minutes of office down time.

It doesn’t get much easier than that.  If you aren’t doing Facebook ads, what’s holding you back?  If a lack of knowlege or fear of failure or being ripped off in the past are what’s holding you back I have a great program coming out soon that you will love.  Click the image below to get early notification and a pre sale discount once enrollment is open.

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