I ask myself this everyday.
Some #tuesdaytruth from Jim Rohn
Trust is the foundation for all of life’s relationships
Adding Value

Patients don’t buy adjustments.  They buy the benefit of the adjustment, whether it be pain relief, greater mobility, or greater wellness.  Remember this as you talk to patients about chiropractic.  It will revolutionize your practice.

Stop Making Excuses

We have an epidemic of “business” in today’s society.  You know how the conversation goes when you start a conversation with just about anybody:

“Hey how are you?”

“Good, busy, very busy.”

Successful people make the best use of their time.  They see time as an asset not to be squandered on social media, gossip, or worthless activity.  So this week no more excuses.  Read that book you know will help you grow.  You have time if you make time.  Exercise like you know you need to.  You have time if you make time.  Pray more because as John Piper put it:  “One of the great uses of Twitter and Facebook will be to prove at the Last Day that prayerlessness was not for a lack of time.”

Are You Growing?

Today is a gift.  A gift from Almighty God himself.  Today I resolve to be a better version of myself than yesterday to bring Him more glory.