My Practice is Slow & It’s My Fault

I have a confession to make.  I have this blog and have been offering advice to chiropractors left and right about how to grow their practice and become successful, but right now my practice is slower than I would like.  Last month I was way off on my numbers.  And it’s my fault.  I haven’t been consistently doing the small things that you have to do to grow and sustain a practice.  So here is a little transparency from me to help you learn, and keep myself accountable.


Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

I wasn’t doing this at all.  I was working on this blog during office hours, I was studying for an acupuncture board (straights please don’t hate), and wasn’t focused on my practice.  That’s the biggest key to success.  Focus.

I have fully embraced the entrepreneurial side of chiropractic, and once that happens it’s easy to get distracted by the next business idea.  I am leaving that behind.  Goodbye, shiny object syndrome.  I will keep this blog up, and start creating products to help chiropractors, but I will no longer do so at the expense of the main thing, my own clinic.  Let my recent struggles serve as a warning to you; no matter how successful you become, you can and will decline if you don’t remain focused on your goals.

Have Goals and Work to Achieve Them

I have long had goals for my clinic, but they weren’t my own.  They were what my coach thought I should be doing.  As a result, I got to the point where I didn’t even know why my goal numbers were.  So late last week I sat down and did my own 5-year goals.

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The funny thing is that by creating small changes each year I will double my practice in 5 years.  The numbers are very achievable but still a little scary.  That means they are perfect.  Now I know my numbers, and my staff knows our numbers.  The best part is all the good I will be able to do once I hit those numbers.  I will be helping more people with chiropractic, and the extra income will present more opportunities for giving as well.

Be Coachable

My clinic has been under coaching with Katz/Integrity Managment for over ten years.  They have been wonderful to us.  We have a thriving clinic in large part because of what we have learned from them.  I have goals to double my clinic in the next five years.  When I do this, it will be because of what I have learned from them.

At a certain point though I think you need a fresh perspective.  I wasn’t getting as much out of coaching as I was before.  Now I am doing something different.  I am working with Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership All Access Program.  It has been wonderful so far.  If you know anything about Dave Ramsey you can guess why.  Plus it’s nice to get a perspective about growing a business from outside our profession.

So those are the big things I have going on to get back on track.  I promise to always be transparent with you my readers.  If you don’t hear from me in a while, don’t worry, I am still here, but I am keeping the main thing the main thing.



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