Leaders are Readers

You need to Read More if You Want to Grow Yourself & Your Practice

Here are my top five books that every chiropractor should read(click on the image to buy the book at Amazon):

the noticer

This a great book about finding the right perspective in any situation.

The Traveler's Gift

Another Andy Andrews book.  This fictional book takes you on a ride through history with David Ponder as he learns from historical figures what it takes to succeed in life.

The Referal Engine

Chiropractors are always talking about how they are “referral only.”  That is great and we should all strive for referrals.  This book teaches you how to make yourself more referable.

To Sell is Human

We are in sales.  Even chiropractors.  The sooner you realize this and the sooner you learn that selling is simply adding value to others the better your practice will do.


Dave Ramsey is the man.  He started out at on a kitchen table after going bankrupt and now has a massive multimillion dollar company that has helped millions of people handle their finances like pros.

What books would you add to the list?

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