If Your Clinic Closed Would Anybody Care?

Today is the funeral for my last Grandparent.  My Grandma V passed away Sunday and today is her funeral.  It’s a bittersweet day.  Bitter because she was a huge part of my life and will be dearly missed.  Sweet because she lived a good long life (she would have been 90 in February) and we get to spend today remembering her with family.

We held a visitation last night, but not too many people showed up.  It was kind of sad but understandable.  She was 90.  She outlived most of her contemporaries.  Plus she spent the last several years of her life confined to her house then a care center.  She won’t have a huge number of mourners but the ones she does have will miss her very very dearly.

This got me to thinking.  How many people would mourn the closing of my clinic?  How many people would mourn if your clinic was closed?

If you don’t like the answer you came up with in your head, what are you going to do about it?  I have an idea for you.

Love Selflessly

My Grandma had a quiet faith and was always serving and loving.  She didn’t shy away from hard work and was always doing dishes, cleaning the garden, and watching us Grandkids when Mom and Dad needed her and Grandpa to.

Do you love selflessly like that to your staff?  Do you realize that you can only win in life by putting the needs of others ahead of your own?  It’s something that I had modeled for me by my Grandmother, but I still need to remind myself each day.  Serve others and you will get all the success you want in life.  Nothing else you do, whether it be screenings, lunch and learns, dinner with the doc, or Facebook ads, if you have not love, it doesn’t matter one iota.

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