How to Dramatically Increase Your Clinic Revenue and Impact

I don’t frequent casinos very often.  The last time I did I finished up by playing a slot machine.  After my second to last pull the person next to be told me I made a massive “rookie” mistake.  If I had maxed out the quarters I threw in the machine I would have won $5,000.

If you aren’t using Facebook and online marketing to grow your clinic you are leaving money on the table, just like I did with that slot machine.

Each month I get between 5 and 15 new patients from Facebook alone.  That’s on top of what I already regularly get from other sources.  Each month I spend between $300 and $500 to get those new patients from Facebook.  So let’s say for example’s sake that I spend on average $400 to get 10 new patients.  Let’s break down what that means for revenue in my clinic.  (Thinking about revenue is NOT a bad thing by the way.)

Right now each new patient that comes into my clinic represents $1,100 (my case average).  That means I generate on average an extra $11,000 each month from my Facebook efforts.  Not bad for spending $500.  That’s $132,000 each year.  How many of you would like that extra revenue?

Here’s where it get’s even better.  If you know what you are doing you can turn those 10 new patients into another 20 new patients.  If you get good results, are an effective communicator, and aren’t too scared to ask for referrals, over time each of those initial 10 new patients should refer you at least another 2 new patients.  Those 20 new patients equal another $22,000 in revenue.

So why aren’t  you using Facebook to market your practice again?  Why aren’t you learning how to use Facebook correctly?


Money is one thing, but you also have to realize that 10 new patients are ten lives you get to help improve.  It may be ten Dads that can have more fun with their kids because their low back isn’t killing them at the end of the day.  It may be 10 Grandma’s that can actually play with her young Grandkids because they can actually move and have flexibility.  It may be 10 mom’s that aren’t as crabby with their families because of daily headaches.

You owe it to yourself, your family, and your community to market your clinic however you can.  And Facebook absolutely should be one of those ways.


PS if you struggle with retention and getting referrals I will also have a group coaching call program available to help you in those areas too.



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