How to Choose a Facebook Marketing Expert

& The Facebook Marketing Angle Nobody is Talking About...

Facebook marketing is the hot thing right now.  You probably get private FB messages from “experts” daily telling you how they are going to get you ton’s of new patients on “auto-pilot.”

Online marketing is a huge “thing” right now.  Everybody wants to get in on the “easy” money that online supposedly entails.  While a good book, I blame this on Tim Ferris’s book the “Four Hour Work Week.”  That book has given birth to a whole crowd of people that want to work 4 hours a week and still make 6 figures.

It seems the only people making money online though are the ones teaching others how to make money online.  Very few people actually sell legitimate services or products online.

There is one prominent online marketer that has unleashed tons of “experts” on the chiropractic profession.  His initials are DH.  He isn’t a chiropractor.  Probably knows nothing about chiropractic, but tells his students to target chiropractors.  Sometimes they offer a free trial, sometimes not.  It usually ends up with a $1500 to $2000 per month fee to run ads for the chiropractor.

Which would be fine except that the leads end up fizzling out.  There is no real strategy behind the marketing efforts.  Their strategy involves no true marketing and a Groupon style offer.  While it may work in the short term, it won’t in the long term.

I hope I’m not coming off as a guy trying to trash his “competition”.  That’s not really the case at all.  At the risk of sounding arrogant, I don’t really feel like I these other fly by night “experts” are my competition.  The fly by night carpet beggars will fade away.  The people who know what they are doing I respect and see them as colleagues.  There are more than enough chiropractors to keep us all busy.  (Kind of like how there are more than enough patients to go around, we just need to stop fighting over the same 10%, but I digress.)

So here are some things that a true Facebook marketing expert should know about.  If they don’t I would steer clear.  I offer this advice because I know I won’t resonate with everyone and can’t possibly serve every chiropractor.

The Facebook Pixel

This feature of Facebook marketing alone makes it the most advanced marketing platform ever in my opinion.  Here’s very inexpensive ($47) tutorial I put together on this topic.  Watch this training and you will be steps ahead of most “experts.”

When to Use a Traffic Objective vs A Conversion Objective

Sometimes you need to use the traffic objective first to give the pixel an idea of the conversion you are looking for.  Watch the above training to get an idea of what I’m talking about.  You typically need to run traffic until you get the first 5 to 10 conversions then switch to a conversion campaign.  Facebook is supposed to rolling out a campaign that does this automatically but I haven’t seen it in any of my accounts yet.

Using Social Proof to Decrease Costs and Increase Reach

Read my last post to know what I’m talking about.

The Best Types of Creative

There is a hierarchy of creative when it comes to Facebook marketing.  Creative means the non text parts of an ad.  Typically the most desirable creative is a personalized video and stock photos or professional head shots are the least desirable.  But it also comes down to my next topic.

Testing and Trouble Shooting Ads

A good ads expert doesn’t take a cookie cutter approach.  They know that no matter how “good” you are it takes testing and tweaking and experimentation to determine what works best for any given clinic and doctor.  Once clinic I did ads for the professional headshot of one of the doctors worked the best.  We wouldn’t have known that without experimentation.

Custom Audiences

This is the angle that almost no one is talking about.  Every chiropractic office has a potential gold mine sitting in the back of their offices’.  It’s all those old patient charts in the back.

You can actually upload your patient list and Facebook will create a custom audience based on that list.  This is a wonderful way to stay top of mind with your established patients, generate reviews and referrals, and generate social proof.

Other custom audience you can create include website visitors via the Pixel, video view audiences, and engagement audiences.

As you can see there is a lot that goes into Facebook marketing.  I have had tremendous success with my own clinic and manage ads for  5 other clinics across the country.  I am not currently taking on new clients for my agency but do have a Facebook Ads Mastery Academy available for a stupidly low price of $97.  It teaches you the ins and outs of Facebook marketing like I have discussed in this blog except in a lot more detail than a single blog post allows.

The real icing on the cake comes from The Inspired Chiropractor (TIC) Community.  This is private paid membership Facebook group where I provide weekly live trainings, updates, motivation, and troubleshooting.  We also hold monthly marketing challenges where we provide you with scripts for videos, targeting help, troubleshooting, and landing pages and go through a specific marketing funnel as a group.  It’s a fun way to learn and grow your practice.  Depending on when you read this, you may or may not be able to get in on the current challenge but don’t worry another one is always no more than a few weeks out.

To purchase the course click here.  Be sure to opt in for the membership in the TIC Community on the second step of the check out process.

UPDATE as of 11.29.17:  I am taking on agency clients again.  To apply to work with my agency click here.


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