Hard Work is NOT the Key to Success

And Neither is Staying Busy

Despite what a lot of people think working hard is not the key to having a successful chiropractic clinic.

The picture above describes a lot of chiropractors.  Trying to do a big job without the right tools.

Some DC’s will say I am working so hard but not seeing results.  The question is are you working on the right things?

Are you creating targeted Facebook ads with a great offer and great copy, or are you boosting the same Thomas Edison quote everyone else is?

Are you working hard to get new patients in the door but don’t have good systems for retention in place so they don’t walk right out the back door?

Chiropractic college will teach you how to be a good chiropractor.  It’s up to you to learn the right things to run a successful practice.  That’s why I have created this blog and have an online training academy set to be released in early 2017.  I have been on the brink of bankruptcy and bounced back.  I want to help other DC’s learn what I did without all the pain I had to go through.

It’s also why I have partnered with the folks over at Chirosushi.com.  They have started a movement that I am convinced will elevate the practice of chiropractic.  They have dedicated themselves to giving DC’s the tools they need to succeed.

Please join me with them in Las Vegas the first week in May for the first ever ChiroSushi summit.  The early bird discount expires at the end of this year, plus when you use the code IC20 you get an additional 20% off.  It’s a no-brainer to get the tools you need to help your practice soar.

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