Get These Two “Old School” Tools to Skyrocket Your Productivity

And Boost Your Happiness

I have grown up with technology.  My Dad was an early technology geek.  We even had one of these in our living room when I was a kid.


So to say I love technology is an understatement.  It’s in my blood.  For years now I have had slight contempt for anybody that was still hauling around one of those “old school” planners.

That is until a few months ago.  Then I got introduced to the “Productivity Planner” and “The Five Minute Journal.”  Let me explain why I love each of them below.

The Productivity Planner 


  • You begin each week by writing down your projects and goals.  This simple act alone increases the chances you will follow through.
  • Each day begins with an inspirational quote.
  • Your number one task for each day is supposed to be the one thing you could get done and if that was it, be happy with your day.  You are also instructed to lean towards the task that makes you the most uncomfortable as that is probably the one with the biggest payoff.
  • You work on your tasks using the Pomodoro Technique.  Basically, you break your work into separate 25-minute intensive sessions.  This technique helps you be more productive by helping you focus better among other things.
  • It has helped me get a lot more done that I used to.  I don’t always have a lot of time at the office to do anything other that see patients and do charts.  But when I do, this little book has helped me maximize my time.

The Five Minute Journal


  • I have long been a believer in the power of gratitude to change your life.  As a Christian, I am called to “give thanks in all circumstances.”  We are told to “Praise God” over 250 times in the Bible.  If you like a more scientific approach check out some great articles here, here, and here.
  • I have always wanted to be a journaler, but have never made the time.  In five minutes a day you get to plan your day, express gratitude twice, and evaluate what went well and didn’t.

Take it from a new school guy, these “old school” tools are amazing.  Get them today, use them, and you will love the changes you see.


You can get the “Productivity Planner” here.

You can get “The Five Minute Journal” here.






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