Five Words That Are Guaranteed to Kill Your Practice

There are five words that will kill your practice in a heartbeat.  Five words can kill your chances at growing a practice or they can decimate and turn a great practice into a barren wasteland.

The five words are:  I could never do that.


Until you become a chiropractor, you spend 24 years of your life in a school setting.  In a school setting life is pretty much the same every day.  You gather information from instructors.  You study that information.  You take a test to see if you learned the information presented.

Success is all about passing a test.

Then you get thrust into the real world.  You have passed all the tests so success should come easy right?  Patients will just show up, right?



You have to learn a lot of different skills that have nothing to do with passing a test.  You have to learn how to market.  You have to learn how to manage staff and payroll and all the other things that go with owning a business.

Above all, you have to realize that practicing chiropractic is nothing like treating lower trimester students in chiropractic college.

Seeing patients in the student clinic is easy.  They have to be there.  They want to be there.  They more or less get chiropractic and are excited about it.

Not so with John Q Public.  They don’t care that you passed your tests.  They don’t care that you have a lease payment due and student loans due.

They aren’t going start care unless you get outside your office and meet them and tell them the chiropractic story.

This means networking, lunch and learns, screenings, handing out business cards, taking classes at gyms to meet people (while wearing clinic branded attire), giving and effectively closing health talks, and screening.  (Closing to me means presenting a compelling call to action.)

“I could never do that,” you may be saying.  It makes you scared and uncomfortable is what you really mean.


Well, think about how a patient feels coming into your office for the first time.  They know nothing about you, your staff, or chiropractic.  I had a patient tell me that her mom thought she was crazy for coming to see me.  Her mom had heard that a chiropractor had killed a baby on an airplane by adjusting it.

As crazy as that sounds that’s the kind of stuff that is floating around about chiropractic.

It takes a certain amount of bravery for a patient to come into your clinic.  I think we owe to them to be brave and do things that make us uncomfortable so we can serve them better.  Their health depends on it.

So get off your butt, get out of your office, swallow your pride, put on your big boy/girl pants and stop saying “I could never do that.”


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