How I Spent $89 and Got 5 New Patients from Facebook

The last two weeks in August I used a Facebook video ad to promote a Patient Appreciation Day and fundraiser for a local nonprofit I held in my office.  It was honestly the easiest and most cost effective way I have found to advertise for my office thus far.  I have done Facebook ads before to raise my general brand awareness locally, but this video had a specific call to action and a few other things that made this video ad a winner.


The Set Up

First, let me explain my basic video setup.  I use my iPhone 6s as my video recorder, but I am sure any other newer smartphone would work just as well.

I also purchased this tripod from to mount my iPhone in.  It gives a steadier picture and comes with a handy blue tooth remote to start and stop the video.  Total investment:  $30


Next, I purchased this lapel microphone to give the videos better sound.  Total investment:  $15


I also ordered a package of video add-ons from a website I ended up purchasing a package that included an intro and outro animation and a lower 2/3 for my wife and myself.  A lower 2/3 is the little box that pops up with somebody’s name then disappears.  Here’s one of my videos from earlier this year, you can see the lower 2/3 there.   Total investment $147 but you could be frugal and just get a lower 2/3 for $47.  I don’t use the intro hardly at because I don’t want to waste that first 10 seconds of video viewing on an animation.  I want to catch the viewer attention with my content.

Total one-time setup investment:  $92-$192

The Video

The video itself took 2 minutes to shoot.  It was one minute in length but took two takes.  You have to keep Facebook videos short.  We have an ever-shortening attention span, especially online.

The content of this video was a promotion we were doing for a Patient Appreciation Week for the end of August.  In it, I explained that existing patients could get an adjustment in exchange for a $20 donation to a local nonprofit.  We only do this 3 times a year as a way to show appreciation for our patients.  Also for the entire week, any new patient that started care in our office could get their initial examination and necessary x-rays in exchange for a donation to the same local nonprofit.

I had a $75 ad budget and targeted people who like our Facebook page and their friends in the Mankato area.  I also paid $12 to a service called  I uploaded my video to their website and they produced a caption file that I uploaded to Facebook along with my video file.  This is an extremely important step because most videos are consumed with the sound off initially on Facebook.

The video ad ran for two weeks and generated 5 new patients, and unmeasurable good will and brand recognition for my office.  All of the video editing was done in iMovie on my Macbook Air.

This is such and easy and cost-effective way to promote your office.  Let me know if you have any questions about the details of this process.


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