Don’t Let Fear Control Your Life and Practice

It has been my experience that the most damaging thing that holds people back from achieving their potential is fear.

Fear manifests itself in three main areas:  fear of rejection, fear of change, and fear of failure.

Fear of Rejection

This fear probably dates back to our childhood days when little Jimmy or Susie decided they didn’t want to play with us anymore. As adults, it manifests itself as not asking that cute girl/guy out on a date.  Or not pursuing the promotion at work that you know you can get, just in case they say no.

Chiropractors let the fear of rejection manifest itself when they don’t deliver a written ROF and care plan to a patient because they are too scared the patient won’t come back.  It manifests itself when DC’s don’t reach to other providers to build referral relationships.

Fear of Change

This is a hard one to deal with especially as you get older.  For me, it is very apparent anytime my wife stops by the office.  My wife is a chiropractor as well but is now mainly a stay at home, homeschooling mom.  I have gotten used to being at the office without her and managing staff and the clinic in my own way.

Whenever she does show up to adjust patients it ruffles my feathers a bit.

Not because she is doing anything wrong but because it changes how the office flows.  I have to laugh at myself because I am just being silly.

If you are struggling to be successful in practice you need to change.  You need to start doing screenings.  You need to start networking properly.  You need to start using Facebook ads.

Bottom line you need to change.  Action is the best way to get over a fear.  Take action today.

Fear of Failure

This another huge one.  This fear would lose a lot of it’s strength if DC’s would realize a few things about failure.

  1. Failure is rarely final.
  2. Everybody fails in life.
  3. Successful people learn and grow from their failures.  They know that without failure they wouldn’t be where they are now.

So get over your fears and take action today.

One of the best ways I know to get over fear is to take action and surround yourself with winners.  Take action today and get your tickets for the ChiroSushi Summit.

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