Do You Really Want to Be Successful?

And Does our Profession Really want to Be Successful?

This blog post is sure to ruffle some feathers, but that is okay I think this profession needs to have its feathers ruffled from time to time.  My opening question to you my beloved collegues is:  Do you really want to successful?  

This was all inspired by a sermon in my local church. The sermon was about Jesus’s encounter with a man at a well. Jesus asked the man if he wanted to be well.

This is quite the question since the man had been paralyzed for many many years and had been sitting by the pool said to have healing properties for many many years.  Wouldn’t you want to be healed in that situation?  Don’t the mans actions speak of his eagerness to be healed?  But Jesus knows the hearts of men and had to make sure he was ready for the miracle that was about to happen.  In this case he wanted to be healed but that is often not the case.  We have all had patients that we really wondered if they really wanted to get better. Patients that would have nothing to talk about if they didn’t have pain anymore. I have actually asked my own patients if they really wanted to get better, have you?

This is where I turn the tables and ask you a hard question chiropractor.  

Do you really want to be successful? Do you really want to have a phenomenally busy business? Does the profession as a whole really want to see 80% of the population instead of 8%?

You see doctor if you want to have a successful clinic you will have to change how you live your life.

You will have to change how you communicate to your patients and your community.  You will have to learn how to become good at sales.  Yes I said sales.  Half of you just started sweating and half of you have instantly decided I have not ethics since I propose we use sales in chiropractic.  That mindset has to change!

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? Are you ready to take on a lot of new employees? Are you ready to have a business and not just a job?

You see it’s easier to say that you want to be successful then it is to actually become successful.

It’s easier to piss and moan about why you aren’t successful then it is to change yourself  and who you are so you can become successful.

I’m sorry if that sounds harsh but it’s the truth.

And now for the profession at Large.

Do we really want to see 80% of the population? Are we really ready to present a unified message of what chiropractic is to the public? Are we ready to teach better business principles to our students before they graduate? Are we ready to embrace the group practice model that has served allopathic medicine well?

Are we ready to stop playing the health-care victim?

I can’t speak for all of you but I can speak for myself; I am ready to have a more successful life and be part of a more successful profession.  I am ready to grow beyond myself in my local practice. I am ready to hire an associate for my practice so I can focus on helping other chiropractors even though it scares the crap out of me to do so.

I am ready to devote myself to growing an ad agency that serves 10% of chiropractors in America. That’s 5000 chiropractors across the country reaching their communities through Facebook and other marketing means and growing their practice and reaching towards that 80%.   Think of the impact we could have on the health of this country if we got off our butts and marketed like we are capable of.  

Are you with me?  Really?

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  • Brad Ellisor DC

    I’m with you! That’s why the mission of the Kids Eating Broccoli podcast is to reach 20 million families worldwide to help create a healthier legacy, to make the next generation the best generation.