Do Discounted First Days Devalue Chiropractic?

In a divided profession, almost nothing sparks heated debate like the idea of offering patients discounts.  In particular new patient discounts.

A new patient discount typically comes in the form of a certain percentage off and exam and/or x-rays or a flat fee for these services.  I have seen the discounted fee as high as $89 or as low as completely free.

If you feel this cheapens the profession or you like to call it the chiropractic “d bag” offer let me introduce you to a concept we learned a long time ago.

We call it philanthropic marketing.  The idea is that you offer a discounted exam and/or x-rays for new patients then donate that entire fee to a charity of your choice.

This is a video from a charity we support locally.

Last year we raised over $1000 for this nonprofit.

We decided to step up our game this past week.  We raised $800 in one week!

That means that in one week we have raised enough money to feed 2 kids for an entire year!

Click here to learn how to get new patients from Facebook with or without discounted exams.

So to recap this week:

  • We had 15 new patients from this one event alone.  That’s 15 people that weren’t getting chiropractic care before.  Fifteen people that gladly signed up for care after paying a discounted fee for their initial exam.  They will pay full price from here on out.
  • We gained a tremendous amount of good will in our community with our marketing efforts promoting this event.
  • Two kids will now have food to get them through the weekends for an entire year.

If that makes me a chiropractic “d-bag” then so be it.

Instead of calling names, let’s all embrace this idea and elevate the profession and change lives in our community with chiropractic AND philanthropy.

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