Dear Chiropractors, Chiropractic is Enough!

If you haven’t read my About me Page, you may not know this about me but, I LOVE CHIROPRACTIC!  It’s this love of chiropractic that has helped me grow my business and myself.  I plan to show you how below!


I didn’t always feel this way.  Life a lot of you I had a few patients not accept care.  I had a few patients quit care because their M.D. said to stop.  I had a hard time paying my bills.  I had no idea how to run a business.  All that stress and pressure made me hate the profession I had chosen.


So I got into orthotics.  I thought nutrition would be the answer.  I even thought about leaving chiropractic.  The problem with those ideas were:  people can get orthotics at Wal-Mart, people can get vitamins at about a thousand other sources, and luckily for me I am not a quitter.  Most importantly PEOPLE NEED CHIROPRACTIC!

I know too many of my fellow chirorpractors are hurting, chasing after the tiny pot of gold at the end of an imaginary rainbow while leaving behind the mountain of gold that is chiropractic.

I finally came to realize something:  I hadn’t wasted six years of my life and $125,000.  Chiropractic is enough.  It is enough for me to change the health of my patients.  It is enough to fuel a large, successful, and highly profitable business.  CHIROPRACTIC IS ENOUGH.

Now realize this; am I no straight chiropractor.  I use therapy, rehabilitative exercises, and acupuncture.  I refer out patients for MRI’s and other advanced imaging when indicated.  I refer patients out for medication, injections, and even surgery if they need them.  But I keep the main thing the main thing.  CHIROPRACTIC is the main thing.

Therapy, exercise, acupuncture, medications, injections, and to a much lesser extent surgery are all a compliment to chiropractic care.  I make sure my patients know this.  Something to help the natural healing process of the body do its thing.

You need to realize this Doctor!

You need to stop chasing new “profit centers” like orthotics and cold laser and nutrition and makin them the main thing.

You need to stop feeling like a second class citizen in the healthcare landscape.

You need to realize that you made the best decision ever to become a chiropractor.  (The best decision for you and your patients.)

So in the next five minutes commit to:

  1. Remove all negativity from your vocabulary and thinking.  Negative self-talk and thinking will only get you more of the same mediocrity and failure.  So be mindful of your inner dialogue and take corrective action if needed.
  2. Be grateful.  Be grateful for what you do have.  Be grateful for your practice no matter it’s current state.  Be grateful for the 19 excellent patient experiences you had today and ignore the one crank that no one makes happy.  My family has a “game” we play at supper called the Thankful Game.  Each person says what they are thankful for.  We all take a turn, and this goes on for as long as we want.  A lot of time one of my five-year-olds will bring up to play the game.  Some nights I am a crank and resist at first.  I will tell you that after two rounds my mindset and attitude has done a complete 180.  So be grateful.
  3. Commit to making chiropractic the main thing.  What I mean by this is that you have to be very intentional about how you speak to each and every patient on each and every visit.  You need to tell them how they are doing (don’t just go off from symptoms.  I have literally had people that “didn’t have pain” jump off the table when I palpated the area of complaint lightly.  They still had dysfunction, and they need to know that.), reinforce the plan going forward and that CHIROPRACTIC is the heart and soul of the plan, offer hope, and mention maintenance.


Remember Doc I have been there before too.  I constantly have to work on these things.  If you commit to these 3 simple but admittedly hard things, you and your practice will grow.  It does get easier the more you practice these things.  Please leave any questions or comments below.  I want this to be a community of sharing.

PS.  If you want to do some reading about keeping the main thing the main thing I highly recommend Simon Sinnek’s “Start with Why.”  (Click the link below to purchase.)

Start with Why

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