Chiropractic Marketing Sucks Part 3

Not Marketing

As I have said before I absolutely love chiropractic.  My latest post, The Subluxation is Dead, struck quite a nerve among the profession.  I don’t write posts and headlines like that to be a negative Nelly.  I write them because I believe that most chiropractors are like myself.  We believe in the basic chiropractic premise, the body has an amazing ability to heal itself, and that by adjusting the spine and influencing the nervous system you are setting up the body for optimal health and healing.

Can we cure cancer and diabetes?  No.  Can you eat Big Macs and chug Coke but still be healthy as long as you get adjusted regularly?  Absolutely not.  That’s not what chiropractors like me are saying.  We are saying regular chiropractic care is the essential foundation for better overall health.


As great as chiropractic care is, and as effective as patients say it is, our utilization rate is still very low.  Painfully low.  There are many reasons for this, and I feel that one of the biggest reasons is that chiropractors are terrible business people.  One of the biggest keys to the success of any business is marketing.  My hypothesis is that if I can help enough chiropractors improve their marketing we can increase our utilization rate.


The third biggest marketing mistake (I listed the 1st and 2nd biggest here and here) that chiropractors  make is not marketing.  I think we get it in our heads that we are Doctors. Doctors don’t market.  People will just come in to see me and refer their friends.  Here’s what’s wrong with that thinking:

  1. We aren’t MD’s.  Not even close.  Their training and ours are not the same.  Our approaches to and ideas of how to obtain health aren’t even close.  So you can’t compare yourself to them.  But if you insist, here’s a little proof that Doctors do indeed market.  Sure, look like a health fair to me.  But that’s “below” chiropractors.

medical marketing

2.  I am all for referrals.  Referral-based marketing is a great way to grow a business.  But it’s not the only way.  You need have a diversified marketing approach like this one.

I also hear all the time that chiropractors don’t like to feel like they are in sales.  I have news for you:

We are all in sales.

That’s right YOU are in sales.  The oncologist down the road is in sales.  If you are married, trust me you are in sales.

So join me in learning and growing as business owners.  I don’t like sleazy sales tactics, but I love marketing done right.  We owe it to ourselves and to a public in desperate need or our services.  Start marketing and marketing well!


If you want to learn more about Dan Pink’s book “To Sell is Human” and other great books for chiropractors check out this post.


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