Chiropractic Marketing Sucks Part 2

Not Marketing Chiropractic

I absolutely love chiropractic, chiropractors, and this wonderful profession.  So please realize this post series I have started is done out of love.  Tough love.  Chiropractors are struggling.  Clinics are closing, doctors are leaving the profession, and the public is suffering without this great healing art.  We need to market ourselves better!  We should all have clinics bursting at the seams and lines out the front door.


One of the biggest mistakes we make is not marketing chiropractic.  We market everything but chiropractic in our advertising.  We market nutrition, cold laser, and orthotics, but not chiropractic.  It makes me sick to see so much money going down the drain.

I once heard a local chiropractor’s radio commercial.  He mentioned stretches, exercises, and ergonomics to combat back pain.  That was it!  No mention of chiropractic.  Here’s the biggest problem with not mentioning chiropractic and the adjustment.

Patients can get stretches and exercises from PT’s, physiatrists, the internet, or even their Aunt Sally.

They can get ergonomic tips from PT’s, ergonomists, workplace safety coordinators, or the internet.

But they can’t get the adjustment anywhere else, or the true chiropractic principle that by adjusting the spine your free up the healing power of the body.

I am not saying to fill your ads with chiropractic catch phrases like innate, subluxation, and nerve interference.  Nor am I telling you to obnoxiously start capitalizing the last three letters of chiropracTIC and chiropracTOR.  I mention pain in my advertisements.  I talk to my patients about pain, but I also educate like hell to try and get them to realize that chiropractic is about more than just pain relief.

Chiropractic is so diametrically opposed to the current medical model that we have to perform what I call and ethical bait and switch.  Get them in the office for whatever they seek your help for, whether it be pain relief or wellness care, but educate while they are there, and form a good relationship so you are their chiropractor for life.

But don’t go so far with this that you don’t market chiropractic at all.  Chiropractic is far too valuable, far too life-giving, and far too needed to be left in your bottom desk drawer collecting dust.

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