Chiropractic Marketing Advice from the World’s Top Marketer

I recently attended the Digital Summit in Minneapolis.  This was a two-day conference about all things digital marketing. One of the keynote speakers was Seth Godin.  He is a best selling author and widely thought to be one of the best marketing minds all time.

In this post, I’ll share some his best quotes and how they apply to chiropractic marketing.

We live in an attention economy.  The world is full of noise, distractions, and most of all marketers trying to gain our attention.  We are inundated with people marketing poorly and we end up feeling like this.

Chiropractic marketing is mostly noise.  We post things or write ads to impress ourselves.  We don’t put ourselves in the shoes of our potential patients.  We don’t think of how chiropractic can transform them and tailor our marketing message to their needs and wants.  We throw out a Groupon style offer where we give away an exam and 2 adjustments for $29 on Facebook and call that marketing.  Which that brings me to quote number two.

I don’t have a problem having some sort of incentive to get a person to take action.  In chiropractic, as you probably know most patients that come into our office generally fall into one of two categories.  Those acutely injured and those that have chronic pain conditions.  Yes, I know chiropractic is about much more than pain control, but we have to face the fact that public perception is what it is.  Plus not to mention being the best damn pain management specialist is still a reputable and profitable thing to do.  How are you ever going to educate the patient about the other benefits of chiropractic if you can’t even them in the door?  Any way that issue could be a whole 1000 word blog post in and of itself.

The acutely injured that come into your office doesn’t need much motivation.  They will find you through a Google search and march right into your office assuming you have a decent website and a good amount of online reviews.  These are the low hanging fruit people that either don’t like medications or have had a positive experience with chiropractic in the past.  You don’t need to incentivize these people.

It’s the chronic pain sufferer that takes more coaxing.  They need to know like and trust you before coming in to see you.  And the last thing that will convince them to come in and see you AFTER suffering for months or years, AFTER trying everything else, AFTER being told by friends and family and Doctors that it’s all in their head is a “crazy good deal.”

They need to know why their experience in a “quacks” office will be different.  They need to know why they should try yet another Doctor.  They need to know how you can transform their lives and that you have their best interests in mind and that you have are their solution.  Then maybe you offer them a small (not crazy) discount to give them that extra kick in the pants to get them to come in.

Have you ever noticed that nobody gets a Suzuki motorcycle tattoo, but you see these all the time?

That’s right people choose to put permanently on their body the name of their favorite motorcycle company.  Of course, I don’t expect many people to ever tattoo my clinic logo on their body, but we can learn a lot from how Harley interacts with its customers and positions itself in the marketplace.  We can learn from them how to build a tribe and massive brand loyalty.

  1. Clear brand positioning.  You know what a Harley bike is and who it’s for.  Does chiropractic marketing accomplish this?
  2. Build a loyal following and establish a strong community.  Look up the HOG club.
  3. Create awesome events such as the Sturgis Rally.
  4. They extended their brand into clothing.  Do you have a clinic t-shirt?  One that looks cool and is comfortable to wear?

My wife and I are homeschoolers.  We attend a homeschool conference every spring.  One of the most impactful presentations was by a gentleman with epilepsy and Tourette’s.  The onset of each was very sudden when he was seven years of age.

As you might expect he was ostracized by his peers.  His parents didn’t know what to do and allowed him to retreat to a self-imposed prison in their basement.  He hardly came out for 7 months.

Until one day a girl from his class showed up and spent time with him.  Her empathy communicated two powerful things to him;  She saw him and she liked what she saw.  That’s what empathy is and empathy is what connects us with other people on a deeper level.  How does a “crazy deal” communicate empathy?

Think about that for a second.  This is so very true today.  Dr. Google anybody?  I just had a patient in today with full spine pain and what I diagnosed as cervicogenic vertigo.  She was already very familiar with the other causes of vertigo that I outlined for her because of google.  And unsurprisingly she was afraid that her vertigo was being caused by brain cancer because she knew someone with vertigo that turned out to be caused by that.  And she had visited WebMD.

So not only do you have to compete with the DC down the street, physical therapists, massage therapists, MDs, and NSAIDS now you have to compete against every single website and blogger with an opinion.

Today’s consumer is much more informed than they were even ten years ago.  Not all of that information is useful or even true, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s out there and available to your patients and potential new patients.  The best way to combat all the useless and misleading information:  become an authority in your community.  Become the person that everyone recognizes and knows and likes and trust.  It’s easy now that ever, you just have to take action and learn how to market the right way.



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