The Secrete to Doubling Your Productivity

And Your Practice

Busy.  We are all always so busy.  It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to a college student, an unemployed thirty-year-old, a mom of five, or a retired 7o-year-old, we are all busy.  If you talk to two DC’s, one seeing 14 patients a week (LV), and another seeing 140 patients (HV)  they will both tell […]

Solving the Day 1/Day 2 Dilema

AKA The Show and Tell Exam

I have always been taught by management companies not to adjust on the first visit no matter what.  If you’re like me this doesn’t feel like good advice.  I’ll outline why they recommend it, and how I reconciled their recommendations with my own style of practice. The big impetus behind my former management company telling […]

Is a Lack of Treatment Plans Killing Your Practice?

Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Inconsistency is a bad thing in life and business. Consistency is one of the key reasons McDonald’s is a multi-billion dollar company.  Nobody thinks they make the best cheeseburger and fries, but no matter where you go in the world they taste the same.  Whether you are in Mankato, MN or Marakesh they are the same.  The […]

Offering great service to our patients doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  For around a dollar, you can get these nice little magnet calendars from  Remember it’s the little things done right over time that add up to success.

How Silence Can Grow Your Practice

Patient Communications

Silence. It is a powerful but underutilized communication tactic.  Politics aside, we can all agree that the speech above by Prime Minister Netanyahu was very powerful for many reasons, but mainly because of the 45 seconds of silence. How often do you hear silence these days?  Not very often at all.  In our hyper-connected, instant gratification, selfie-obsessed […]

Do You Treat Insurance or Patients?

I believe this profession is on the verge of great things.  We have languished on the fringes of healthcare for far too long, and I feel that in the next 20 years our utilization rates will skyrocket as the public realizes the good we do for humanity.  Part of mu optimism is due to the fact […]

5 Steps to Finding and Keeping Excellent Staff

It seems like we either have one of two extremes when it comes to staffing chiropractic offices.  An office will either go through new CA’s every year, or they will have the same person up front for 20 years.  There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium anywhere.  I had the later problem the first […]

Leaders are Readers

You need to Read More if You Want to Grow Yourself & Your Practice

Here are my top five books that every chiropractor should read(click on the image to buy the book at Amazon): This a great book about finding the right perspective in any situation. Another Andy Andrews book.  This fictional book takes you on a ride through history with David Ponder as he learns from historical figures […]

Dealing with Toxic People (including patients)

Practice Managment-Online Reviews

As I type this post I am shaking in anger.  I have a great relationship with almost all of my family, but there is one member of our extended family that is an oozing toxic sore on our family tree.  I just read and responded to an email from this person and I am livid. […]