Can We Please Stop Talking About “Bad” Patients?

I want to address a disturbing trend I have noticed among chiropractors.  It goes something like this:  “that patient just wasn’t a good patient, patients from ______ are never good patients, I send all my bad patients down the street.” It’s time for us to stop talking like this.  Maybe there are no bad patients. […]

Just Say No to Drugs in Chiropractic

There has been a lot of talk about expanding our scope to include prescriptive “rights.” Chiropractors cannot prescribe medications in most states and I personally hope it stays that way. Most advocates of prescriptive rights (PR) claim it will help keep chiropractic relevant, help patients, and help struggling doctors build bigger practices.  Let’s dissect each […]

Hard Work is NOT the Key to Success

And Neither is Staying Busy

Despite what a lot of people think working hard is not the key to having a successful chiropractic clinic. The picture above describes a lot of chiropractors.  Trying to do a big job without the right tools. Some DC’s will say I am working so hard but not seeing results.  The question is are you working […]

Chiropractic’s Best Days Are Ahead-Maybe

I read a comment from a DC the other day on Facebook that made me very disheartened.  He said chiropractic wouldn’t be around in 30-40 years.  I read another comment from another DC in which he said he would NOT tell his child to become a DC.  He would tell him to become a physiatrist. […]

Be Careful Who You Take Advice From

Advice for New or Struggling DC's

Being a chiropractor can be a lonely endeavor.  Especially if you are struggling to build a successful business.  Doctors are supposed to drive black Mercedes and have memberships at the country club.  They aren’t supposed to be struggling to pay rent and their staff.  Unless you are married to another DC like me, life as […]

Do You Treat Insurance or Patients?

I believe this profession is on the verge of great things.  We have languished on the fringes of healthcare for far too long, and I feel that in the next 20 years our utilization rates will skyrocket as the public realizes the good we do for humanity.  Part of mu optimism is due to the fact […]

The Subluxation is Dead!

Long Live the Subluxation

We need to stop talking about the subluxation.  It’s a fallacy.  It doesn’t’ exist.  It’s all in our heads. Mentioning the subluxation is actually hurting our profession and we need to move on. At least that’s what the former chairman of the board of the ACA would like you to think. Dr. Michael Simone, past […]