Your Biggest Enemy

There is a very dangerous enemy lurking about seeking to hold you back from success in life.  This enemy is actually looking to destroy chiropractic with it’s subtle yet powerful tactics.  This enemy will fill your head with thoughts of despair and irrational fear.  Fear of failure.  Fear of rejection.  Fear of success.  But perhaps […]

Get These Two “Old School” Tools to Skyrocket Your Productivity

And Boost Your Happiness

I have grown up with technology.  My Dad was an early technology geek.  We even had one of these in our living room when I was a kid. So to say I love technology is an understatement.  It’s in my blood.  For years now I have had slight contempt for anybody that was still hauling […]

Hope For Struggling Chiropractors

Don't Give Up!

A lot of chiropractors are hurting today.  A lot of chiropractors are just getting by.  A lot of chiropractors are nearly bankrupt.  A lot of chiropractors are disillusioned and ready to give up.  If you are struggling DON’T GIVE UP! You may have made a lot of mistakes in the past.  You may not live […]

Big Macs, Wellness Care, and Struggling Chiropractors

Lot’s of great and otherwise intelligent people will not get wellness care in your office.  You may be a master communicator.  You may have the perfect patient education system in place.  You may do everything right and deliver exactly the results that the patient was looking for.  You may help them avoid almost certain surgery. […]

Do You Treat Insurance or Patients?

I believe this profession is on the verge of great things.  We have languished on the fringes of healthcare for far too long, and I feel that in the next 20 years our utilization rates will skyrocket as the public realizes the good we do for humanity.  Part of mu optimism is due to the fact […]

Don’t be the Bernie Madoff of Chiropractic

The Four Pillars of Trust

Trust. Without it is hard to be truly successful in life.  To learn about trust let’s look at the life of Bernie Madoff.  Bernie Madoff looked like a successful person.  He had all the trappings of a successful life; fame, fortune, and prestige. Then we found out he was a fraud.  A massive fraud.  It […]

If You Aren’t Growing You Are Dying

Do You Have a Personal Growth Plan?

The legendary college football coach Lou Holtz has famously said, “If you aren’t growing you are dying.”  I couldn’t agree more with this idea.  My biggest successes in life have come after some of my biggest periods of growth. No Growth = Death When we first moved into our house there was a young tree, […]