Do You Really Want to Be Successful?

And Does our Profession Really want to Be Successful?

This blog post is sure to ruffle some feathers, but that is okay I think this profession needs to have its feathers ruffled from time to time.  My opening question to you my beloved collegues is:  Do you really want to successful?   This was all inspired by a sermon in my local church. The sermon […]

There is No Such Thing as Work Life Balance

Especially for the Chiropractor

You hear so much about having proper work-life balance these days.  We are all so stressed.  We are all busy.  Think about it.  When was the last time you asked someone how they were and they said anything other than busy? Not to sound calloused but I think this mythical idea of work-life balance holds […]

Three Key Differences Between Struggling and Successful DC’s

& How to Change

I’ve been in practice for almost 12 years now.  I’ve learned a lot over those twelve years.  I have gone from being a struggling DC that almost went bankrupt to a very successful one that now gets to help other DC’s attain the level of success that they want to see. I have noticed many […]

The Secrete to Doubling Your Productivity

And Your Practice

Busy.  We are all always so busy.  It doesn’t matter if you’re talking to a college student, an unemployed thirty-year-old, a mom of five, or a retired 7o-year-old, we are all busy.  If you talk to two DC’s, one seeing 14 patients a week (LV), and another seeing 140 patients (HV)  they will both tell […]

Can We Please Stop Talking About “Bad” Patients?

I want to address a disturbing trend I have noticed among chiropractors.  It goes something like this:  “that patient just wasn’t a good patient, patients from ______ are never good patients, I send all my bad patients down the street.” It’s time for us to stop talking like this.  Maybe there are no bad patients. […]

Don’t Let Fear Control Your Life and Practice

It has been my experience that the most damaging thing that holds people back from achieving their potential is fear. Fear manifests itself in three main areas:  fear of rejection, fear of change, and fear of failure. Fear of Rejection This fear probably dates back to our childhood days when little Jimmy or Susie decided they […]

Hard Work is NOT the Key to Success

And Neither is Staying Busy

Despite what a lot of people think working hard is not the key to having a successful chiropractic clinic. The picture above describes a lot of chiropractors.  Trying to do a big job without the right tools. Some DC’s will say I am working so hard but not seeing results.  The question is are you working […]

Chiropractic’s Best Days Are Ahead-Maybe

I read a comment from a DC the other day on Facebook that made me very disheartened.  He said chiropractic wouldn’t be around in 30-40 years.  I read another comment from another DC in which he said he would NOT tell his child to become a DC.  He would tell him to become a physiatrist. […]