The Problem With Most Chiropractic Marketing

And How It's Holding Us All Back

Houston, we have a problem.   You have all heard the stats that we only see between 8 and 10% of the population.  Those are crazy low numbers given how effective chiropractic is.  We can argue back and forth why these numbers are so low, but let’s start with one simple problem:  The problem is […]

Be Careful Who You Take Advice From

Advice for New or Struggling DC's

Being a chiropractor can be a lonely endeavor.  Especially if you are struggling to build a successful business.  Doctors are supposed to drive black Mercedes and have memberships at the country club.  They aren’t supposed to be struggling to pay rent and their staff.  Unless you are married to another DC like me, life as […]

Get These Two “Old School” Tools to Skyrocket Your Productivity

And Boost Your Happiness

I have grown up with technology.  My Dad was an early technology geek.  We even had one of these in our living room when I was a kid. So to say I love technology is an understatement.  It’s in my blood.  For years now I have had slight contempt for anybody that was still hauling […]

Are You a Good Leader? Part 1

And Why the Answer Matters So Much.

John Gordon recently described a good leader as possessing these qualities:  they are optimistic about the future, they believe in their team, they embrace challenges, they grow from failure, they keep moving forward.  All these traits are essential for you to posses if you want to have a successful and fulfilling chiropractic practice.  Today I […]