Are You Networking Online Like a Jerk?

Networking events and via social media platforms can be either a great way to meet new people and build business relationships.  Or it can be a good way to look like a jerk and ruin any chances of doing business with prospects. This post was actually inspired by a message I received on LinkedIn.  Don’t […]

Chiropractic Marketing Advice from the World’s Top Marketer

I recently attended the Digital Summit in Minneapolis.  This was a two-day conference about all things digital marketing. One of the keynote speakers was Seth Godin.  He is a best selling author and widely thought to be one of the best marketing minds all time. In this post, I’ll share some his best quotes and […]

How to Choose a Facebook Marketing Expert

& The Facebook Marketing Angle Nobody is Talking About...

Facebook marketing is the hot thing right now.  You probably get private FB messages from “experts” daily telling you how they are going to get you ton’s of new patients on “auto-pilot.” Online marketing is a huge “thing” right now.  Everybody wants to get in on the “easy” money that online supposedly entails.  While a good […]

Use This Simple Hack to Lower Your Facebook Costs

By now you should understand that you need to be marketing your practice on social media, Facebook in particular.  (If not check out this free resource.)  I think we can fall into the trap of forgetting that social media is SOCIAL as we pursue leads and ROI.  If you remember the social aspect of Facebook […]

The Wonders of the Facebook Pixel

There has never been a better time to be a chiropractor.  It may sound like hyperbole, but it really is true.  The information age has democratized the spreading of information.  Never before has it been easier to get the chiropractic message out to the masses. Social media is especially effective at building a loyal following […]

Do Discounted First Days Devalue Chiropractic?

In a divided profession, almost nothing sparks heated debate like the idea of offering patients discounts.  In particular new patient discounts. A new patient discount typically comes in the form of a certain percentage off and exam and/or x-rays or a flat fee for these services.  I have seen the discounted fee as high as […]