Big Macs, Wellness Care, and Struggling Chiropractors

Lot’s of great and otherwise intelligent people will not get wellness care in your office.  You may be a master communicator.  You may have the perfect patient education system in place.  You may do everything right and deliver exactly the results that the patient was looking for.  You may help them avoid almost certain surgery.  But they will drop out of care.  It’s enough to make you want to pull your hair out.


Sometimes we know what we should do but we just don’t do it.

I know that I should floss my teeth regularly and visit my dentist every six months.  The reality is that sometimes I go a year and a half in between cleanings and am anything but a regular flosser.

Most everyone knows that McDonald’s food is horrible for you.  Nobody is fooled into thinking that Chicken McNuggets contain good healthy protein.  Yet McDonalds generated 25.41 billion dollars in revenue in 2015.  That’s more than the nominal GDP for a lot of countries!


You see we don’t always do what we know is in our best interests.  We are short sighted and often can’t see past the ends of our nose.  (That’s a big reason chiropractors are notorious quitters, at least the struggling ones are, but that’s another blog post.)

So don’t take it personally when a patient doesn’t get chiropractic the first time around.  Or if they never get it.  Your job is to serve them to the best of your ability and to meet them where they are.

The key to a successful practice is how you handle their “failure.”  Do you handle them leaving well, or do you badger them as they depart?  Do you brow beat them when they eventually to return?  If you do either of these you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

You could be missing out on a lot of great lifelong patients, and the opportunity for personal growth that comes from serving people who don’t see the world exactly the same as you do.  If you are struggling, think about this and see if you give people a safe place to fail or not.

What do you do when patients don’t “get it?”  Do you agree with my stance?

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