Are You a Good Leader? Part 1

And Why the Answer Matters So Much.

John Gordon recently described a good leader as possessing these qualities:  they are optimistic about the future, they believe in their team, they embrace challenges, they grow from failure, they keep moving forward.  All these traits are essential for you to posses if you want to have a successful and fulfilling chiropractic practice.  Today I want to expand on the top three.


Optimistic About the Future

I think most chiropractors are very pessimistic about the future.  Insurance is getting harder to deal with.  Reimbursements are going down.  Patients don’t follow through.  You know you might be right, at least for yourself, because thoughts determine behavior and behavior determine habits and habits determine your future.  So if you have a pessimistic view of the future and are a negative Nelly then that will be your life.

Nobody wants to be around a pessimistic complaining person let alone follow one.  Your staff and patients won’t stick around very  long or reach their potential if you don’t have a good outlook on life.  Just look at two politicians from recent memory.  Barack Obama’s campaign slogan was Hope and Change.  Hope and change int what?  Didn’t matter much did it?  People liked the optimism.  Donald Trump’s slogan is “Make America Great Again.”  Again what does that mean?  Who knows, but he has been wildly popular and redefined modern politics.  So you see you need to have an optimist vision for the future.  (Click here to read more.)

They Believe in Their Team

I have the best team of CA’s in my city, maybe even my state.  They love chiropractic, they love me, they love my patients, they work great as a team, and they are hard workers.  Do you feel that way about your staff?  If not the problem is either with you or your team and there is a good chance it’s not them.  One of John Maxwell’s keys for Winning with People is to see everybody as a Perfect 10.  When you choose to see people as a ten in changes you and changes them.  For my life I think of it another way, Jesus died to save them too.  No matter how disgusting I find their behavior, or how much they have hurt me, I need to see everyone I come int contact with, with the value that Jesus does.  If you aren’t a person of faith I charge you with finding your own way of seeing your staff as a Perfect 10.

If your staff is underperforming have you done all you can you help them succeed?  Have you mentored and trained them to be the team members you need them to be?  According to Jock Willink and Leif Babin, in their book “Extreme Leadership:   How US Navy Seals Lead and Win” if your team isn’t winning  the responsibility is on you.  You either have to train them up to win, communicate more clearly the vision or after you have done that, let them go.  But always take responsibilty because you are their leader.


They Embrace Challenges

The largest insurance carrier in the state I practice in has made a massive change to how it interacts with chiropractors.  The short story is that it will cost me more out-of-pocket to see patients with this insurance.  The amount isn’t a small amount either.  This is a challenge.  I could piss and moan and raise a big stink (which I did for about a week) or I can accept the change and find a way forward.  I have decided that I will just need to grow my practice using these techniques, so I can afford the change.  I have to see this as an opportunity for growth, not a road block.  This attitude is what sets the mediocre practices apart from the great ones.

So how do you stack up?  Please comment below.

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