Do Discounted First Days Devalue Chiropractic?

In a divided profession, almost nothing sparks heated debate like the idea of offering patients discounts.  In particular new patient discounts. A new patient discount typically comes in the form of a certain percentage off and exam and/or x-rays or a flat fee for these services.  I have seen the discounted fee as high as […]

Is a Lack of Treatment Plans Killing Your Practice?

Delivering Excellent Customer Service

Inconsistency is a bad thing in life and business. Consistency is one of the key reasons McDonald’s is a multi-billion dollar company.  Nobody thinks they make the best cheeseburger and fries, but no matter where you go in the world they taste the same.  Whether you are in Mankato, MN or Marakesh they are the same.  The […]

Offering great service to our patients doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  For around a dollar, you can get these nice little magnet calendars from  Remember it’s the little things done right over time that add up to success.

Why Your Facebook Efforts Have Failed

I don’t know of too many chiropractors that haven’t tried to market their clinic with Facebook.  Some with measured success, a lot with no success at all.  Here are some reasons your Facebook ad efforts may have failed.  Don’t beat yourself up over this too much.  You didn’t know.  This isn’t something they teach you […]