Why Every Chiropractor Should be Owning Facebook in 2017

You Know BJ Palmer Would Be

This blog post if taken seriously and acted upon could change your life.  It could change the lives of countless people in your community too. I know that’s a pretty audacious claim but I stand by it.  Social media, and Facebook, in particular, has opened up all sorts of opportunities for chiropractors that didn’t exist […]

Just Say No to Drugs in Chiropractic

There has been a lot of talk about expanding our scope to include prescriptive “rights.” Chiropractors cannot prescribe medications in most states and I personally hope it stays that way. Most advocates of prescriptive rights (PR) claim it will help keep chiropractic relevant, help patients, and help struggling doctors build bigger practices.  Let’s dissect each […]

The Beauty of Marketing Automation

How to Get New Patients W/out Killing Yourself

Have you ever spent $300 and got 11 new patients out of the deal?  I have several times.  Let me explain how, and why I now favor one over another. A few years ago I did a spinal screening at an expo on a local college campus.  The fee to have a booth at the expo […]

The New Reason Every DC Should be Doing Facebook Videos in 2017

Facebook video has done what TV commercials have never done. Facebook video has leveled the playing field for the everyday chiropractor.  You can get video views for pennies. In 2016 my Facebook videos were viewed for 3 seconds at least 39,508 times.  They were viewed for 10 seconds at least 10,571 times.  Those are pretty […]