I ask myself this everyday.

Hard Work is NOT the Key to Success

And Neither is Staying Busy

Despite what a lot of people think working hard is not the key to having a successful chiropractic clinic. The picture above describes a lot of chiropractors.  Trying to do a big job without the right tools. Some DC’s will say I am working so hard but not seeing results.  The question is are you working […]

Chiropractic’s Best Days Are Ahead-Maybe

I read a comment from a DC the other day on Facebook that made me very disheartened.  He said chiropractic wouldn’t be around in 30-40 years.  I read another comment from another DC in which he said he would NOT tell his child to become a DC.  He would tell him to become a physiatrist. […]

The Problem With Most Chiropractic Marketing

And How It's Holding Us All Back

Houston, we have a problem.   You have all heard the stats that we only see between 8 and 10% of the population.  Those are crazy low numbers given how effective chiropractic is.  We can argue back and forth why these numbers are so low, but let’s start with one simple problem:  The problem is […]

How Silence Can Grow Your Practice

Patient Communications

Silence. It is a powerful but underutilized communication tactic.  Politics aside, we can all agree that the speech above by Prime Minister Netanyahu was very powerful for many reasons, but mainly because of the 45 seconds of silence. How often do you hear silence these days?  Not very often at all.  In our hyper-connected, instant gratification, selfie-obsessed […]