Dealing with Toxic People (including patients)

Practice Managment-Online Reviews

As I type this post I am shaking in anger.  I have a great relationship with almost all of my family, but there is one member of our extended family that is an oozing toxic sore on our family tree.  I just read and responded to an email from this person and I am livid. […]

We have always had to deal with unhappy patients, but now patients have the power to leave reviews online like never before.  Have you Googled yourself lately?  Do you actively seek out reviews from happy patients?  If not you need to be.  Stay tuned later this week for some of my favorite bad reviews and to learn the difference between a troll and a patient that just needs a little TLC.

Minnesota chiros that take insurance are well aware of the big changes coming later this year.  Are you going to run around like chicken little declaring, “The sky is falling!” or are you going to grow your clinic and help more people so you can meet this challenge head on?  I choose the latter.

Are You a Good Leader? Part 1

And Why the Answer Matters So Much.

John Gordon recently described a good leader as possessing these qualities:  they are optimistic about the future, they believe in their team, they embrace challenges, they grow from failure, they keep moving forward.  All these traits are essential for you to posses if you want to have a successful and fulfilling chiropractic practice.  Today I […]

It’s easy to slip into the mode of talking about the problems instead of solutions, but as chiropractors, as business owners, as team leaders, we have the responsibility to be more disciplined than that.