Chiropractic Marketing Sucks Part 3

Not Marketing

As I have said before I absolutely love chiropractic.  My latest post, The Subluxation is Dead, struck quite a nerve among the profession.  I don’t write posts and headlines like that to be a negative Nelly.  I write them because I believe that most chiropractors are like myself.  We believe in the basic chiropractic premise, […]

The Subluxation is Dead!

Long Live the Subluxation

We need to stop talking about the subluxation.  It’s a fallacy.  It doesn’t’ exist.  It’s all in our heads. Mentioning the subluxation is actually hurting our profession and we need to move on. At least that’s what the former chairman of the board of the ACA would like you to think. Dr. Michael Simone, past […]

Patients don’t buy adjustments.  They buy the benefit of the adjustment, whether it be pain relief, greater mobility, or greater wellness.  Remember this as you talk to patients about chiropractic.  It will revolutionize your practice.

5 Steps to Finding and Keeping Excellent Staff

It seems like we either have one of two extremes when it comes to staffing chiropractic offices.  An office will either go through new CA’s every year, or they will have the same person up front for 20 years.  There doesn’t seem to be a happy medium anywhere.  I had the later problem the first […]

Chiropractic Marketing Sucks Part 2

Not Marketing Chiropractic

I absolutely love chiropractic, chiropractors, and this wonderful profession.  So please realize this post series I have started is done out of love.  Tough love.  Chiropractors are struggling.  Clinics are closing, doctors are leaving the profession, and the public is suffering without this great healing art.  We need to market ourselves better!  We should all […]

We have an epidemic of “business” in today’s society.  You know how the conversation goes when you start a conversation with just about anybody:

“Hey how are you?”

“Good, busy, very busy.”

Successful people make the best use of their time.  They see time as an asset not to be squandered on social media, gossip, or worthless activity.  So this week no more excuses.  Read that book you know will help you grow.  You have time if you make time.  Exercise like you know you need to.  You have time if you make time.  Pray more because as John Piper put it:  “One of the great uses of Twitter and Facebook will be to prove at the Last Day that prayerlessness was not for a lack of time.”

Chiropractic Marketing Sucks Part 1

Don't Throw Each Other Under the Bus

I love when chiropractors market themselves and market themselves well.  The sad truth though is that a lot of chiropractic marketing sucks.  I am going to do my best with a series of blog posts to correct some of these issues facing our profession.  We should be seeing 80% of the population not 8%, and […]

If You Aren’t Growing You Are Dying

Do You Have a Personal Growth Plan?

The legendary college football coach Lou Holtz has famously said, “If you aren’t growing you are dying.”  I couldn’t agree more with this idea.  My biggest successes in life have come after some of my biggest periods of growth. No Growth = Death When we first moved into our house there was a young tree, […]

Leaders are Readers

You need to Read More if You Want to Grow Yourself & Your Practice

Here are my top five books that every chiropractor should read(click on the image to buy the book at Amazon): This a great book about finding the right perspective in any situation. Another Andy Andrews book.  This fictional book takes you on a ride through history with David Ponder as he learns from historical figures […]